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Our Parents' Voices

Some comments we have received from parents:

"I have three boisterous but senstive boys, aged 9 (twins) and 4. Shelley and her team have played an amazing part in all their early learning years. Westgate is a home from home environment with a long standing and caring staff, where your children can build stable relationships with their carers who take your child's welfare and education personally, ensuring a very individual and tailored experience.

The Westgate family achievements are fantastic, hitting Ofsted outstanding review, but they go beyond hitting high standards. They truly want our children to have the best possible start, not just educationally but emotionally too. Westgate provid life skills through happy learning and play, helping young lives feel safer and more confident in the world around them. I recommend, without any reservation, Westgate Nursery."

E Golding

"Our daughter went to Westgate from 9months, right up until School age and she absolutely loved her time there.

The staff really go above and beyond, and none more so was this evident when we were all coping with the pandemic. Children's safety, and importantly enjoyment were prioritised.

This place is a real home from home. Our daughter made real bonds with staff, and children that will stay with her forever. What more could you ask for :-)"

J Butler

"I want to say a big thank you to all the staff at Westgate Nursery for so many reasons. Our youngest started with you at 18 months old and had such a positive experience throughout his time with you. What was so important to us was that every room he went into as he progressed through the nursery he was treated as an individual.

Our little boy was a shy chap who worked best when people got to know him and helped him to include himself in activities with other children. The staff at Westgate took time to get to know him as an individual and take into account how they would get the best from him and how he would get the most enjoyment out of being at Westgate. They always encouraged him, without being pushy and that allowed him to have some control over when he engaged in activities.

I felt that you all helped to prepare him for school during the last year he was with you and that was so important to us as parents, that his transition was as smooth as possible. His confidence with other children and with new adults grew whilst he was at Westgate and it was such a pleasure to see as his parents. We are so pleased we chose Westgate and would (and often do!!) recommend you to other parents.

Thank you so much for providing such a nurturing environment, you all do an amazing job."

H Goode

"We can't thank Westgate enough for everything they have done for Rory. He started at 7 months old and finished when he was 4; ready for school. Shelley you do a wonderful job of running Westgate as it has the perfect balance of love and learning. Your staff genuinely care about the children and know them inside and out. Each key worker that Rory has had, has known him so well and been able to support him in all the right ways. He came to you not being able to walk and talk and leaves you being a bright, intelligent, kind and caring boy. Over the years, we have seen you and your team develop the nursery and we feel the spaces inside and out have been perfect for early child development. Rory has loved exploring the outside area and it is a credit to you all that you utilise this space in all weathers! Rory was so proud at his graduation - and we were too. He has made some wonderful friends at Westgate and we are sad to see his journey with you come to an end. We are so grateful for everything Westgate has done for Rory in the last 4 years and cannot thank you enough. Keep up the outstanding work!"


"We have sadly come to the end of 3 and a half amazing years at Westgate. My Son has gone from strength to strength in the time that he has been here and I have loved watching him grow and flourish under the nurturing and encouraging care from all of the staff. The communication and support given to the parents is fantastic and I can't recommend the nursery highly enough. Thanks to the foundations set by Westgate, my Son has headed off to Reception with an excited and confident swing in his step, ready to expand on the knowledge and experiences he's gained during his time at nursery."

Elizabeth Pollock

"Westgate Nursery has a positive, caring atmosphere, where every child is recognised as an individual. Our child has always been happy to go and has flourished under the care and guidance of the staff, who are all dedicated and hardworking.

What we have noticed the most, is how his individuality has been nurtured and how he has matured; becoming more independent and confident - a great stepping stone into 'big' school. Thank you to each and everyone of you, you make a great team!"

Kate and Mark Le Masurier

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