Westgate Nursery Highworth

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Our Food

Healthy and delicious

We have a rotational menu that offers a range of flavours, textures, and cuisines, to ensure all of our little ones have a varied and balanced diet. The menu is changed to reflect the season. We use local produce where possible; sometimes we even manage to grow our own! We are able to cater for special dietary requirements.

Meal times are a vital, anchoring component of the daily rhythm. The children are often involved in meal preparation, for example chopping vegetables and herbs; kneading bread dough; or experimenting with spices.

We offer homemade nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper; as well as healthy snacks.

Some of our favourites are:

*Spinach and Cod Curry with Couscous
*Five-Bean Chilli with Brown Rice
*Caribbean Stewed Chicken and Rice 'n' Peas
*Lentil Ratatouille with homemade Focaccia (supper favourite!)

The Westgate Nursery Cookbook is available for download here should you wish to sample some of our delicious meals at home!

Our kitchen is currently rated 5 star by the Environmental Health.